Is it Haram to watch Kissing? You will regret it if you don’t know

The kiss thing surprised me. Every human being kisses with a strong urge to love someone else. And there are Haram Kissing has different types, It;s watch a man in her life. For example, in dramas, movies, unsettling videos, etc., the heroes and heroines kiss intimately.

Again love is expressed by the kiss. This is why we kiss small children effortlessly. It shows love. On the other hand, she does not accept it if a grown man kisses her without her consent. Anger becomes a fire.

It can be seen if you kiss the children, but the kiss of the elders should not be seen. There is a difference between kissing a child and kissing an adult. Kissing a child without his consent is not a crime. But not so with the elderly.

The most beautiful and logical answer is sex. Kissing children is not sexual. However, the presence of sex is observed in adult humans. So the view of the elders is unsatisfying.

Only affection and love call for a baby kiss. But what appeals to adults is love and sex. So there is no rule to kiss the baby and to see and show it. It is sometimes considered obscenity.

On the contrary, there are clear provisions and instructions on kissing the elderly and showing it. It is considered obscenity in many cases.

Since kissing is often classified as obscenity. So the question comes about watching kissing. Is it haram? We are discussing that in today’s blog. We are trying to serve this answer based on acceptable references.

Is it haram to watch kissing?

Yes, it’s haram to watch kissing. It is an obscene act. It counts as a sin. This must be avoided. Science and technology have made our lives many times easier. These amazing inventions in modern times have taken us to unique heights.

But it has a flip side. From the previous age to the present age, the path and scope of sin have widened. Sin is rampant everywhere. Our devices such as laptops, mobiles etc. have become the best means of sin.

We can watch naked half-naked women dancing on YouTube, and Facebook, by opening our mobiles. I can see the scene of the hero and heroine in the romance of a drama or movie.

Evidence of viewing kissing scenes as haram

Haram to watch Kissing
Haram to watch Kissing

watch kissing is an obscene and sinful act. Watch kissing is haram just like watching the dance of the female body is haram. Allah Ta’ala prohibits all forms of obscenity, public and private, and says,

‘Say: My Lord has forbidden public and private lewdness and has forbidden iniquity, wrongdoing.

And associating with Allah that which He has not revealed, and ascribing to Allah that which you do not know.’ [Surah A’raf: 33)

In Islam, it is forbidden to look at a foreigner or a foreigner with lust. Similarly, it is forbidden to show the nakedness of a prostitute.

Be it live, or through pictures or videos. Watching porn and obscene videos causes eye sin.

Allah says:

“Surely the ear, the eye and the heart will all be questioned.” (Surah Isra: 36)

Our limbs will testify against us on the Day of Judgment. Allah Ta’ala says –

‘Today I will seal their faces. Their hands shall speak unto me, and their feet shall testify of their deeds.’ (Surah Yasin – 65)

Everything we do in public or secret is being observed by Allah and the angels are keeping a record of it. All our secrets will be exposed on the Day of Resurrection.

Evil effects of Watch kissing in Islam

Watching porn videos like kissing scenes or dancing etc. pollutes our demeanour. The character is corrupted and the heart is under Satan’s control.

The heart of a person who indulges in immorality is diseased. He feels fear, restlessness, anxiety and loneliness in his heart. Shame is removed from his heart, and the taste of faith disappears. He gradually indulges in vices – which drag him down to hell.

Such as adultery, masturbation, drinking, taking drugs, and killing, he always oppresses himself. His body and face show signs of wickedness and various diseases nest in his body.

If married, marital discord may arise between husband and wife. There is a possibility of getting involved in love-alien affairs. His halal wife may also become distasteful to him.

At one stage there is reluctance to worship. There is even a possibility that at some point he may deny Allah.

Special speech

If he watches porn and obscene videos or kissing scenes, none of his deeds will be useful in the Hereafter or all his deeds will be wasted. This is not correct.

These are acts of sin, but they are not sins of the shirk-kufr level. Therefore, all the deeds of the servant are not destroyed by this.

However, it is obligatory for every Muslim involved in such actions – to repent from all these sins. Abstaining from all forms of porn and obscenity. Focusing more on the worship of Allah.


Why do Muslims kiss Haram?

Muslims believe that watching intimate acts, including kissing, can lead to inappropriate desires and actions. It will cause their moral degradation. So they insist on avoiding situations that can lead to sin.

Is it haram for me to kiss in private?

No, kissing in person is not haram for me. But you have to kiss only your wife. No one else can be kissed. You can watch it. It will not be Haram. It is essential to consider your own beliefs, values and the teachings of Islam.

Is there room for personal interpretation about permission to watch kissing?

No, there is no room for personal interpretation about permission to view kisses. Although
Islamic teachings recognize that scholars may interpret things differently based on their opinions. But there is no respite for specific sins.

Can seeing a kiss affect one’s spirituality?

Yes, Haram kissing if you watch, it’s can affect your spirituality. Intimate scenes including kissing can desensitize individuals to moral standards and weaken their spiritual resolve.

What to do if you have seen a scene of kissing in the past?

The Islamic teaching is to feel a sense of guilt or remorse after engaging in activities that conflict with one’s values. So all you have to do now is sincerely apologize and resolve to avoid similar actions in the future. Remember that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, and striving to improve oneself is a fundamental aspect of faith.

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